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What Happens in a BFC, Stays in a BFC!

The Block Formatting Context (BFC) in CSS is a concept that many developers can’t name or describe, but know all about.

Clarity In User Interfaces

A topic was discussed on episode 271 of the Shoptalk show that I want to explore further. The subject was around pagination and the correct placement of the 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons (on the left or the right). I feel that this discussion alludes to deeper routed issues in UI.

Improving the Render

I've blogged previously about how the browser goes about rendering content, and separately about how we can improve the path to content that is critical for the render. The final piece of this puzzle is to explore how to make renders more performant.

SQL template for adding multiple entries

A SQL schema script template for adding multiple entries to table (if not currently present).

Speeding Up the Critical Rendering Path

The CRP is the steps that a browsers need to take before any visual change can be shown to the user. The question is how can we optimise the CRP to speed up the time to first render?

Browser Rendering or: How I Learned to Stop Wondering and Understand the CSSOM

A brief documentation of the steps that the browser takes to render the CSSOM, to better understand how/why the CSSOM plays such a vital role in the rendering of content on the web.

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